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Blow-Off Top: Identifying the Indicators in Technical Analysis

A blow-off top and a swing high may look similar on a chart, but they’re not the same thing. A swing high is a peak that occurs during an uptrend but doesn’t necessarily signal the end of that trend. Blow-off tops, on the other hand, are often the final hurrah in a long uptrend, signaling a likely reversal. After the massive rise, and so many people buying, there is no one left to buy. However, there are lots of people who are panicking to sell, locking in profits, or trying to limit losses. If there’s one person who seems to have the right idea in “Argylle,” it’s, as usual, Samuel L. Jackson.

  1. Volume plays an important role as it indicates the number of shares being traded.
  2. While Blow-Off Tops can present lucrative opportunities, it is important to approach trading with a disciplined mindset, ensuring that risks are managed effectively.
  3. They can observe the significance of these indicators and confirmations in signaling potential market reversals and the subsequent corrections.
  4. These are not isolated events; they happen more times than most people realize.
  5. The movie’s clunky prologue plunges us into his world, as Argylle (Henry Cavill) dances with and then pursues a slinky target (Dua Lipa, whose few minutes in the film may be its best).
  6. The price is now starting to trend back down to a more realistic valuation as mean reversion gets underway.

Early in the year, it traded briefly above $1,000 and briefly below $800, but then started to creep higher out of that range. By September it tested $5,000, and by October it tested $6,000. At this point, the blow-off hadn’t even started, even though the price was already higher by several hundred percent. A blow-off top has several key traits, yet it is only in hindsight that we know if it created an actual top in price.

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This could mean that current prices may be unsustainable, as the lack of buying and selling pressure makes it difficult for stocks to hold onto their gains. Low volume could also mean that the stock is not actively traded, which may mean it is not as liquid and easily tradeable, so avoid those stocks. Reading volume in stock charts is simply understanding supply and demand. A high volume when a stock price increases means the stock is currently undervalued and is in demand. High volume on stock price decreases means that the stock might be overvalued and is under selling pressure.

How much further can stocks climb before markets encounter the dreaded ‘blow-off top’?

Speculative buying activity becomes prevalent as participants attempt to capitalize on the seemingly unstoppable upward momentum. Blow-off tops are often caused by a combination of speculative trading, market news, and investor psychology. When traders and investors start buying up an asset en masse, it can lead to a rapid price increase, creating a blow-off top.


Look at the progress of the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 from October 2017 through March 2018 in the following graph. It’s important to treat day trading stocks, options, futures, and swing trading like you would with getting a professional degree, a new trade, or starting any new career. Moreover, blow-off tops can be influenced by a range of factors, including market news and economic indicators. Therefore, traders should always do their due diligence and not rely solely on chart patterns. If more shares are being traded than usual, it’s often an indicator that something significant is happening with that asset. However, high trading volume alone doesn’t confirm a blow-off top; it should be considered alongside other indicators.

If you can identify blow-off tops you can better protect your capital and with the right level of skills, profit from the overreaction of other traders. So, the real answer you have to ask yourself is are you good enough that if you were to get back say 70% of your money, can you make up the 30% you loss over 1 or maybe 2 years? If the answer to this is yes, then you will get a better rate of return on your cash by taking the loss and moving on to find more profitable trades. The bottom line is that the move down takes away significant paper profits, to the point that long traders are locked into their losing positions. Now that everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid, this is where the first signs of a blow-off top will emerge.

When the sideline cash is exhausted, there is a sudden reduction in the money people will invest into equities. Demand for high-priced stocks suddenly becomes weak and, as a result, prices drop. The dynamic is one that, to some experts, the markets may be playing out right now.

This article will give you the critical knowledge to help you interpret stock price action. A blow-off top is a pattern on a chart with a steep increase (well over 45 degrees) when excluding other factors, like broad market changes. This includes a high trading volume that fizzles and is followed soon after by an equally rapid decrease that usually has a high volume. This chart pattern will look like a steep volcano cone with a slightly lopped-off tip. By incorporating these indicators and technical analysis tools, traders can increase their ability to identify and confirm the presence of Blow-Off Tops.

Technical analysis is your best friend when it comes to identifying blow-off tops. Brokers and trading platforms often offer various tools and services to help you analyze charts and indices. But remember, while the bottom of a pullback might seem like an opportunity, it could also be a trap. Your account’s performance depends on your ability to read the signs, understand market direction, and make timely exits.

Sell 50% of your holdings, and you will be playing with the casino’s money from then on. If it climbs higher, set a stop at the 50% retracement price, a sell of another 25% (half your remaining) at 60% retracement(set a new stop at 55%), and the rest at 79%. In December, delve into the ‘Forex Market Cybersecurity Impact.’ Explore breaches’ effects on currency markets, investors, and safeguarding strategies.

Falling for FOMO and buying too late can mean huge losses when that price begins dropping and fails to return to previous levels. After the initial sell-off, any counter rally is me estafaron como recupero mi dinero unimpressive with its price or volume. This is aptly named a “Dead Cat Bounce.” And those with long positions will use the reprieve in plummeting prices to unload their holdings.

As always, never put more than you are willing to lose at risk, and good luck with all your trades. The broader market can bring shareholders to their senses, seeing the asset drop and the market not believing in a recovery. Once you’ve got a handle on trading blow-off tops, you might want to explore other strategies like the 3 White Soldiers pattern. This is a bullish candlestick pattern that can signal a reversal of a downtrend, offering a different kind of trading opportunity. To master the 3 White Soldiers trading strategy, dive into this explained 2023 guide.

A volume chart will always show red bars when the stock price has decreased for the day and green bars when the price has risen. The stock here increases from $20 to $38 in the following three months, a 90% increase, but how would we know this was about to happen? Buying when the moving averages crossed over would have been a good option; it would not have provided the full 90%, but it would have produced 40%, which is an excellent result.

What Is an Authorized User on a Credit Card?

primary account means

However, unless you specify a payment method for a specific transaction, the primary account is used by default. Primary account holder is the informal term sometimes used to refer to the initial or main user of a credit card account. Like any account holder, the primary is responsible for the debt, for paying account balances and can make changes to the account. Any secondary users listed on the account are considered authorized users and would not be responsible for paying account balances. The primary account holder may request that the credit card company issue additional cards to authorized users, such as family members.

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If you need to take an authorized user off your account, the CFPB recommends contacting your credit card issuer’s customer service department. “You can also ask the card issuer if you should get a new card with a new number,” the agency says. You can often open a joint account online, and the process is similar to opening an individual account. You choose a bank, select the account to open and provide some personal information.


Those are a few reasons why it’s important for account holders and authorized users to be on the same page when it comes to using credit responsibly. There are risks involved in opening a joint bank account, including the risk that one account owner goes rogue and withdraws all the money, or the risk of collections activity. Joint bank accounts nevertheless have their place and work for a wide range of consumers — especially couples who share household finances. Another thing to consider if you have a joint bank account with someone who isn’t your spouse is gift taxes.

  • You can then sign in to your account online to easily add and choose the level of access for your authorized user.
  • The secondary account holder is referred to as an authorized user, and that person has different responsibilities and requirements.
  • The Jacobs Law, LLC respects your privacy online and will not share your name and contact information with a third party without your consent.

If you deposit a significant sum to a joint bank account and your joint account holder makes a large withdrawal, it may trigger gift taxes. For 2022, the annual gift tax exclusion is $16,000, so the trigger will be pulled only if the joint account holder withdraws more than $16,000 from the account without making any deposits. After you provide the initial deposit, the bank will send the account materials, like debit cards and checks, to both account holders. The process of opening a joint bank account is similar to opening an individual account. You can sign up for a joint account at a bank branch, and many banks and fintech companies allow accounts to be opened online.

Examples of Primary Account Holders

Many credit card issuers do not offer joint accounts at all, which leaves you with limited options. Not to mention the fact that you cannot “purchase” a joint credit account to begin with. PANs support account record keeping and resolution if issues should arise with such account. For that reason, always be careful when giving an authorized user access to your credit card or bank account. You should only become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card if you trust that person to make on-time payments. A joint credit card account works like a traditional credit card, except the account is shared.

primary account means

Authorized users can usually make purchases with a credit card linked to the account. But the primary account holder is responsible for making account payments. A primary account holder is the main user of a credit card or bank account.

How can being an authorized user affect your credit?

Any missed payments on the account can also have a negative impact on the cosigner’s credit. An authorized user gets the benefits of using the credit card without the responsibility for repaying the debt. As the primary account holder on a credit card, you’re responsible for making timely payments and paying down the debt. You also can make changes to the card, such as adding an authorized user to the account or seeking an increase in your credit limit.

If, for example, their credit card is lost or stolen, their maximum liability is $50. If their account number is stolen, but not the physical card, their liability is $0. The primary account holder of a credit card is typically the person whose name is on it. When they apply for a credit card, the issuing bank will generally check their credit reports and credit score to make sure they are a good risk.

What are the types of accounts in banks?

And if you’re a Capital One cardholder, you can easily remove an authorized user by signing in to your account online or through the Capital One Mobile app. If you and your joint account holder are married and file one tax return, all you have to do is include the interest in your tax filing. If you file separately or aren’t married, things get more complex, depending on which state you live in.

  • If you file separately or aren’t married, things get more complex, depending on which state you live in.
  • In order to remove a joint account holder, you almost always have to just completely close that account, so then you end up with a closed account.
  • While we strive to provide a wide range offers, Bankrate does not include information about every financial or credit product or service.
  • Many banks also allow you to add another person to an existing bank account by contacting the bank and providing all the personal information required.
  • If the primary card holder stops making payments, both individuals will see their credit scores go down.

A primary account number or PAN represents the unique numeric identifier of a payment card that comprises the essential information about the card issuer and the account. Please note that the primary account may vary based on your personal preferences and the specific payment methods you have linked in your Google Pay settings. Chances are you’ve noticed your primary account number every time you’ve taken a look at your credit or debit card.

If you’re wondering who owns the money in a joint bank account, that’s an excellent question. Corbin Blackwell, a financial planner at Betterment, says it’s also one that should lead you to think long and hard before opening a joint account with just anyone. Due to ECOA and Regulation B, the credit bureaus are forced to consider authorized user positions on credit cards, largely because the banks do not distinguish whether an AU is a spouse or not. Therefore, if the credit bureaus weigh an AU position relatively close to the primary position, then a primary position is not much more valuable than an AU position.

primary account means

Those are known as secondary account holders and, in the case of credit cards, also called additional cardholders. The primary account holder is still liable for all charges on the account, including transactions made by both the primary account holder and any authorized users. Sometimes primary account means primary account holders may authorise other parties to use their account. In this case, both the primary and the secondary users of credit or debit cards utilise the same primary account number. The situation differs if business credit card accounts are under consideration.

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That means doing things like making sure monthly payments are on time and keeping balances low. When an authorized user is added to a credit card account, they’re typically allowed to make charges on the credit card—and might even get their own card. That responsibility still typically falls to the account holder, whether there are other authorized users or not.

The Jacobs Law, LLC respects your privacy online and will not share your name and contact information with a third party without your consent. He is meticulous with his work, detail obsessed, punctual (in fact early, which is rare these days), prepared, and one of the most intelligent people I know. You may end up having to buy jewelry or other products you don’t need in order to open a line of credit through a store club.

A joint savings or checking account offers many everyday banking conveniences, but there are some factors to consider before opening a joint bank account. Then there is the myriad of other reasons that make buying primary tradelines risky or less desirable. For example, primary tradelines cannot legitimately come with any payment history, so it will either appear to be not seasoned or you are probably engaging in some sort of fraud.

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